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Best Prices

Isajewelry offers a diverse and attractive selection of jewelry at low prices. Factory directs saves you money and assures quality.

Isajewelry produces 316 steel and fashion jewelry at lower prices than similar jewelry products from other manufactures guaranteed.

Our wholesale jewelry from China comes with the best quality at the lowest jewelry prices.

Volume Discounts

We offer discount for all orders over $499 and above. Our shopping cart system will calculate for you automatically the exact discount you should get depend on your total order and deducted from your order total as follows:

1: US$  499 —  US$ 999   == 3%
2: US$ 1000 — US$ 1999 == 4% ;
3: US$ 2000 — US$ 2999 == 5% ;
4: US$ 3000 — US$ 3999 == 6% ;
5: US$ 4000 — US$ 4999 == 7% ;
6: US$ 5000 — US$ 6999 == 8% ;
7: US$ 7000 — US$ 9999 == 9% ;
8: US$ 10000 or more, E-mail us for more detailed quotation.


We want you to enjoy low prices, great products, and just as important, excellent service.

In short, isajewelry is dedicated to providing the best shopping experience possible on-line. We do this by sticking to our basic philosophy of customer satisfaction.

Since we want you to be happy with our products, prices and service, if you have any difficulty and need to talk to us, for any reason, please feel free to contact us.

We would love to hear from you and stand ready to assist you with all your shopping needs.

Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure shopping at isajewelry.com means:

Secure Data Transfer and Storage

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology— the same used by leading financial institutions—to protect your data online.

All data we collect is stored in a secure, access-restricted environment.

Worry-Free Shopping with our Money-Back Guarantee.

Not satisfied with your order? No worries. Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee means you can simply return it for a refund or exchange for another product.

We Respect Your Privacy

No one likes SPAM, so we promise not to sell or share your personal data with ANY third party organizations. View our Privacy Policy.

Quality & Variety

Saving money is great, but not at the cost of sacrificing quality or fashion. We hope you will love to buy jewelry from us.

You will find our material to meet your high standards and you will be happy with the quality of our goods.

In addition, on our website you will find a huge variety of beautiful jewelry you will enjoy owning.

Do not let our low prices fool you. Since our products come straight from the factory, we provide  a variety of great products and we are involved in making sure they meet all you expectations.