Items on your order can be sold out, until you make the payment.

Items are reserved for you as soon as payment is made.



Payment can be done in the form of:



Western Union




All prices are quoted free on board (F.O.B) Guangzhou (China).

Prices can change without prior notification, depends of silver and currency rate.


Currency Rate

Currency Rates are updated automatically once a week.

product prices might change accordingly.


Delivery Time

Within 24 hours after approval of payment (except for weekends and China National Public Holidays)

If any of the items are out of stock, we will credit on your account.

Shipping & Insurance

The price is F.O.B. of Guangzhou, China.

However, for your convenience, we will prepaid freight and insurance for you after will be charged

in your invoice. Buyer is responsible for VAT and Import taxes at destination port.

Fedex and Ups (insurance is included)

Postal express (EMS) and Mail certificate ( insurance is NOT include )

if the parcel is lost customer will take the responsibility of the lost.